IACE Internationalen Jungflieger Austausch 2014

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Day 1: Tuesday, July 22

The air cadets headed for Switzerland arrived with a Super Puma helicopter from the Swiss Airforce after a exciting low level flight from Frankfurt, where we met all the other air cadets from Belgium, the Netherlands, Canada and France. After a great dinner with a friendly welcoming presentation from the members of SG Nidwalden we slept well in a typical swiss chalet. 


Airport Bucohs 

local webcam Link.

Day 2: Wednesday, July 23

This morning started with surprising bad weather. So we cancelled the flight to Birrfeld and went by bus. There we met Werner Maag, Louis Wassmer and Markus Rüesch of the EAS.

After this very intersting presentation and of course a good lunch we headed to Alpnach where we took the over 100 year old steam ship from the lake lucerne company to Lucerne.

By a typical Swiss BBQ we learned to know each other better and better.


MSW Aviation  


Day 3: Thursday, July 24


Today we went to the Pilatus factory pilatus-aircraft . After an introduction of the company we got a very nice flight in a PC 12 and a tour in the factory. Then we had a nice meal in the cafeteria. After this we had the chance to visit the control tower of Buochs. The local newspaper interviewed us and took some nice pictures with the gliders of the airport. Then we had some time to relax and we enjoyed a nice swim in the lake. To end the day we returned to Buochs and had the privilege to fly some radio controlled planes ourself, as well as looking at a demo of the model Red Bull gliders, and so many other model planes. The acro team Schaerer visited us at the airfield Buochs and shows us the fine art de Akro-aeromodelling. It was a very nice day! Thank you very much!



Day 4: Friday, July 25

Today we went on the mount pilatus 7000ft to enjoy the beautiful view. We ate our self-made lunch and then did a rope-parcour. The highlight was the 20-meter freefall which was very impressive. This highlight was followed by doing a roddelbahn, which was also very nice. After an hour walking down the mount Pilatus we got a very nice surprise to end the day: a delicious fondue-dinner in a chalet, located at the bottom of mount Pilatus. We ended the day tired, but very happy.

Day 5: Saturday, July 26

Today we went flying with the glider club and flew the Dimona, L4 Piper, and Roban. Despite the bad weather everyone had the chance to fly at least 1 time. We then went to Luzern to do some shopping around downtown and visit historical places such as the Lion monument and the towers surrounding Luzern. We later came back for dinner where everyone from the glider club was expecting us, and we had a fantastic dinner with many members of the club. Although the day was busy, it was not over. We all went out as group back to Luzern and have a good time during the night life.



Day 6: Sunday, July 27

Today we had a really big Brunch (Breakfast and lunch) in preparation for a big hike. We then drove out to Engelberg. We dropped off the bus and went on a big adventures hike to Rugghubel for about 3 hours. Along the way we saw many cows and beautiful sights. Upon arrival to the cabin we had a big dinner with a traditional Swiss dish. The day ended with some classical board games and fun.

Day 7: Monday, July 28

Today we woke up on the Rughubel where we spend the night. After breakfast there was a surprise waiting for us, a Super Puma flew us from up on the mountain to Payern, which is the home base of Solar Impulse. After we had lunch we walked to the other side of the airfield where we visited Solar Impulse. After a nice movie and a presentation about the Solar Impulse we went back to our ride to Buochs which was also with a Super Puma.


SOLAR IMPULSE is the first airplane able to fly day and night only powered by the sun!

Day 8: Tuesday, July 29


Visit to RUAG, a leading supplier, support provider and integrator of systems and components for the civil and military industry. Afterwards you have the opportunity to go and see the Swiss Air Force Training Center in Emmen with three ultra-modern flight simulators of the latest generation of PC-21, EC635 and Super Puma / Cougar.

Day 9: Wednesday, July 30

Today, we visted the longest tunnel in Europe. It is a flat tunnel that is 57 kilometers long. This oportunity to visit the tunnel was very interesting because it permits us to understand the evolution of transportation.

Then, in the afternoon, we visted the transportation museum in Luzern. It was very funny because it is an intercative museum. For example Jan,  Tim, Sarane, Gideon, Santiago and I rode a jet fighter simulator.


To finish, everybody cooked the dinner. It was very friendly and we all ate hamburgers.


Day 10: Thursday, July 31

Amazing day ! we were with the patrouille Suisse in Emmen between 9h and 15h and they invited us to the restaurant. The Pc7 team was also training. Then, the afternoon was more relax in the lake. Tomorrow it will be the national day in Switzerland. patrouille-suisse 

Day 11: Friday, August 1

Today we went to Buochs Airfield to visit the PC24 Rollout. The mood was amazing and we saw lots of amazing displays of historic and modern aircraft from Pilatus. The highlights were the B4 glider acro-performance by  the SG Nidwalden , the PC7-Team of the Swiss Air Force an of course the final rollout of the PC24. After a relaxing afternoon at the lake we went up to Buergenstock to see the fireworks on the Swiss National day in the dark.

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Day 12: Saturday, August 2

This day we went flying at Buochs. After several days of bad weather we were very happy to finally fly the airplanes of SG Nidwalden including two DG1000, one Twin Astir, one Super Dimona and an ASK21 for acrobatics. Thanks to Thomas Bettermann, a PC7 pilot, and Robert Koch, a Stemme pilot, we all got the great opportunity to fly in those beautiful planes. Finally we had a very pleasant dinner in Lucerne.

Day 13: Sunday, August 3

Today we could sleep until 11’o clock because the weather would be too bad to fly and we could all use some sleep since we had been partying a lot the evening before . When everyone was more or less awake we headed for the chocolate factory in Luzern. There we had the chance to explore the history of chocolate and how it’s made. Above that, we even made our own chocolate ! When we got back Guy Linch explained us about his project ‘Isis’. He is making a microlight airplane and he explained us all about the design and development of the project. At the end all of us could even fly the plane in a simulator.

Day 14: Monday, August 4

Today was, once again, an unforgetable day. We woke up early and drove to Zurich Airport where we got to see Edelweiss’ operations from up close, as well as one of their A330s. After a nice dinner with a view on the apron we proceeded to Swiss Aviation Training where we had the chance to fly in a full-motion A330 simulator, as well as in a static Diamond DA42 simulator. After these wonderfull experiences we headed back to base, and had, once again, a lovely dinner.


Zurich Airport

Swiss Aviation Training Center (SAT) 

Day 15: Tuesday, August 5


The world first CabriO ® cable car is waiting for you at the Stanserhorn 6233 ft. We enjoy the boat ride on the oldest paddle steamer. In the evening, farewell dinner is determined to be a highlight.

Day 16: Wednesday, August 6

It is time to return. After a "bye bye brunch" you will depart by Super Puma at 08:45 LT. Have a nice trip, we hope to see you again!

Die Schweizer Jungflieger Cadeten vom IACE 2014

Die Segelfluggruppe Nidwalden wird als aktive Jugendförderung den Intern­ationalen Jungflieger Austausch 2014 in der Inner­schweiz organisieren und durchführen. Wir werden den jungen ausländischen Flug­be­geisterten während zwei Wochen die Schweiz von Ihrer schönsten Seite vorstellen und ein Programm mit möglichst unter­schied­lichen Flugobjekten und Aeronautischen Höhepunkten zusammenstellen. Wir sind überzeugt mit dieser ehren­amtlichen Jugendförderung eine äusserst sinnvolle Tradition zu unterstützen.

Fokussiert mit dem Ziel die Faszination vom Fliegen, die Möglichkeiten der Schweizer Aeronautischen-Berufsfelder und selbstver­ständ­lich aktive Freizeitgestaltung ins beste Licht zu setzen.


Der Jungfliegeraustausch steht im Zeichen der internationalen Freundschaft ist Bindeglied der Piloten aus aller Welt und möchte den Teilnehmern diese freund­schaftliche Begegnung als Basis für gegenseitiges Verständnis vermitteln. Der Austausch soll junge Flugbegeisterte aus möglichst vielen Nationen miteinander in Kontakt bringen und den Teilnehmen­den ermöglichen, fremde Länder und Völker sowie deren Lebens­weise und Eigenheiten kennenzulernen.  www.iacea.ch



Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Im Namen des Vorstandes der Segelfluggruppe Nidwalden


Urs Grubenmann



Email: urs.grubenmann@gmail.com

Erfahrungsbericht Jungfliegeraustausch von Damian Lötscher in Tschechien

Die International Air Cadet Exchange Association IACE  organisiert jedes Jahr einen Jungfliegeraustausch. In diesem Jahr konnte der Polymechaniker-Lernende Damian Lötscher, Segelflugpilot bei der SGN, daran teilnehmen. Von seiner Reise nach Tschechien erzählt  der folgende Erlebnisbericht.

Erlebnisreiche Tage für Damian Lötscher
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 257.7 KB

Wir danken Swisslos für ihre finanzielle Unterstützung unseres Vereins, welche der aktiven Jugendförderung zugute kommt....